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Nikki booked a Guest Star on  Hawaii Five O. 

Watch it  

Nikki booked a Guest Star o Magnum PI, watch her on season 2 episode 7. Watch a clip HERE.

Nikki booked a Guest Star on 911 Lonestar.  Watch her on season 1 episode 8.  Watch clips HERE.

Nikki is recurring on this season of Total Eclipse.  Watch episodes HERE.

Come to her UCB house sketch team "Moon Goon" show @ UCB SUNSET.  Buy tickets here.


Nikki acted in the CBS DIVERSITY SHOWCASE 2019! 


Nikki is a recurring Guest Star in KINGPIN KATIE on DropOut.

Watch her newest sketch A Trip to Seaworld.

Nikki is in the film "She's in Portland" starring Tommy Dewey, Francois Arnaud and Minka Kelly premiering in 2020.

Nikki is a lead in the web series "Home" that premiered at the Tribeca film festival 2018 N.O.W program.  Watch HOME here!


Nikki just had the pleasure of working on Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer's new show Drive Share.

Nikki had a supporting role in the romantic comedy "Brand New Old Love" starring Arturo Castro, Aya Cash, Josh Brenner,  Mindy Sterling and Brian Doyle Murray.  It is currently in Post production.  Look out for it in 2017!

_magnumpicbs Monday ❤️ I had such a blas
#mcm I had the honor of working with two
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